Knowledge without experience falls short. Not only will you learn what it takes to be a leader; you will get the opportunity to practice leadership right away. Through leadership tracks, weekend services, projects, special events, and more — you will get hands-on experience and apply your skills in real-time. After all, leadership does not begin with a title or even a career, but when you accept the challenge to lead.


Students will select one of the following tracks to customize their leadership experience. Each track includes a Track Training, which are learning sessions to equip you to lead well in your track. Track Projects are hands-on opportunities to grow and develop your skills. 

First Impressions Experience


If children are the future -- then how we lead, educate, and care for them today has a significant impact on our world. Those are pretty high stakes! In the Kids track, you will learn communication skills, team management, & how to create remarkable environments that kids can't help but talk about. These methods (with a little madness!) will help you engage audiences and innovate in any sphere or organization. Impacting the world starts one family at a time!

Students Experience


Generation Z makes up the largest and most diverse population in our nation’s history. They are sharp, practical, and positioned to shape culture unlike anything we have seen before. However, that level of influence needs leadership and thoughtful dialogue about how to interpret the world around them. The Students track will teach you to lead, communicate, and influence a generation that is already changing our market and world.

Technical Experience

Ministry Leadership

Collaboration, teamwork, & building healthy culture is more important in the workplace that ever before. The Ministry Leadership track will teach you proven skills in team communication, event planning, hospitality, group leadership, digital work, public speaking, community partnerships, and project management. Our wide array of options in this track will prepare you to not only lead in ministry, but in any team-based environment.

Students Experience


Technology is all around us and constantly changing. It’s no longer an option, but a reality for every brand and organization in the 21st Century. In the Technical track, you will learn how to leverage technology and creative arts to produce environments with excellence. Whether it’s through sound, lighting, live production, visual communication, or other applications — experience in the technical field will make you an asset to almost any industry.

Worship Experience


Music and artistic expression uniquely shapes our world. Learning to handle the influence, opportunity, and responsibility of a highly visible role takes a great deal of intentionality and time. In the Worship track, not only will you learn music theory, songwriting, live performance, and best practices — but how to lead your life and build teams with integrity. *Requires audition

Weekend Services

Join the Go Team to apply your leadership skills in practical ministry each weekend at theChapel

Worship Experience
Worship Experience

Yearly Projects

Unique yearly projects are designed to craft new skills in communication, team-building, and project management.

Day Camp

Day Camp is a major event that reaches hundreds of kids and families in our community. Our students are involved in every area and go "all-in" to make this special week a success. 

Worship Experience
Worship Experience

Coffee Conversations

For Coffee Conversations, we bring in special guests from ministry, the marketplace, and other spheres of influence to talk about current events, trends, and today’s most relevant leadership issues. 

Leadership Lunches

Our 3rd & 4th year students enjoy an exclusive VIP meal with practical training and Q&A from a world-class leader.

Worship Experience